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With 100 years of heritage under its belt, Pegler and Louden (P & L) is no newcomer to the valve and actuation industry. After joining three other specialist brands under the BSS Industrial umbrella, its future has never looked so bright. Tim Leigh, P & L Brand Sales Director discusses how the Company has moved forward to offer a more comprehensive service.

"Pegler & Louden have been relaunched as a specialist brand. This was part of a strategic move by BSS Industrial to offer customers a complete product and service provision across pumps, valves, industrial plastics and stainless steel. Our industrial customers can now receive a tailored solution from the company which covers all of their needs. Similarly, we are known as the industryís national specialist provider of valves and flow control products and this is a real strength we are bringing to BSS Industrial."

"P & L has a firm and longstanding heritage and the wide range of products and solutions we offer are just the start of our service. We have always worked to build a reputation through a local approach which is tailored to the needs of our customers - a philosophy we share with the other specialist brands within BSS Industrial. We pride ourselves on providing a single source for specialist, individual items, high quality build assemblies and complete packages using off-the-shelf or sourced products, or a combination of both. For the customer, this has two major benefits: Firstly, it allows our team to customise off-the-shelf products to meet customersí requirements. Secondly, and more importantly, this expertise is recognised by some of the industryís leading manufacturers and suppliers, who acknowledge and approve our abilities to develop and modify their own products in accordance with specified standards."

"A vital part of the service P & L offers is based on expert knowledge. P & L has built a reputation for expert advice and can offer numerous services supported by our experienced team. Being able to supply a wide choice of solutions to work in any environment, across any sector, is vital and something which has allowed us to work with customers in many different industries. In the past we have supplied valves to most oil and gas fields off the UK coast, for both above and below sea level applications, as well as to chemical, food & beverage and energy plants throughout the UK. This is in addition to supplying handcrafted valves to the pharmaceutical industry and modified valves for the semiconductor industry. Through the expertise of the other BSS Industrial brands, we expect to grow into more varied areas and increase our experience in completely new sectors."

"To be a key player in numerous markets and illustrate to customers that you have an in-depth knowledge of each, it is important to demonstrate support to the industry. We recently joined the BVAA (British Valve and Actuator Association) which champions best practice. The BVAA is vital as a collective representation of the industry and as a forward thinking organisation is the perfect match for P & L. Becoming a specialist brand was a major change for us, and that move has helped us to progress in a difficult market."

"P & L has a bright future ahead, building on its heritage and already excellent reputation by reacting to new opportunities, and by working with leading distribution and valve manufacturers. P & L believes in providing a value added service and we do this by nurturing relationships with leading manufacturers and by training our staff so that expert knowledge is provided as standard. With the added support of BSS Industrial and its specialist brands, P & L can offer complete solutions backed by the knowledge which sets it apart from its competitors."

For further information log on to or call 0115 927 8288. BSS Industrial is part of The BSS Group plc, a market leading distributor to specialist trades.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 8

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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