New Range of Pressure Reducing Valves from Aquaflow

Aquaflow, the specialist valve division of Cheshire based T-T Pumps Ltd., is pleased to announce the introduction of a range of stainless steel pressure reducing valves (PRV). The valve will automatically reduce and stabilise downstream pressures regardless of upstream pressure and flow rate fluctuations, due to its responsive directly-acting spring.

The downstream and upstream pressure balance, obtained by the intermediate chamber and guided piston, guarantees a high accuracy and long lasting performance. By means of the innovative self-cleaning piston technology, the pressure regulator stands out for its higher reliability when compared to pilot operated control valves that are vulnerable to fine particles.

The hydrodynamic profile of the valve body, with its large downstream chamber, ensures high resistance against cavitation effects and vibrations in the event of high pressure ratio conditions.

These robust pressure reducing valves are precision machined from a solid piece of stainless steel material, upstream (inlet) rated to 64 Bar, downstream (outlet) adjustable down to as low as 1½ Bar and having female threaded connections. Additionally, various seat materials are available to suitable the media and temperature.

The absence of pilots and hydraulic circuitry avoids rapid variations and consequently the risk of pressure surges, as well as possible pulsations and potential dynamic instability. Even in terms of reaction time this pressure reducing valve stands out to be the safer solution; always ensuring the correct functioning in maintaining the downstream pressure value to a constant level also in the case of rapid variation in demanding and static conditions, for example when used before valves in charge of tank regulation and control

Aquaflow is an established manufacturer of waterworks valves and related products and services, to the water, process and allied industries.

Aquaflow Valves
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 32

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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