‘C-Cut’ Restricted Access Safe Cutting

BHR Group’s fluid engineering expertise, partnered with OMS’ unrivalled experience in precision manipulation, combines to deliver a new standard in decommissioning

BHR Group is working with Optical Metrology Services (OMS) to deliver a new service in decommissioning. BHR Group’s exceptional waterjet cutting expertise has been combined with OMS’ unrivalled experience in precision manipulation to deliver a remote and restricted access, safe cutting tool that will help operators reduce plant down time and utilise precision cutting at both distance and within confined spaces.

DIAJET (Direct Injection of Abrasive Jet) is a cold-cutting technique that provides powerful and accurate cutting and cleaning for hazardous environments where challenges such as limited access, minimal secondary contamination and heat need to be carefully managed.

The DIAJET technique creates a slurry suspension of solid particles into a high pressure water jet of 100-1000 bar. The slurry suspension approach has a cutting performance that is up to five times greater than entrainment water-abrasive cutting techniques. Coupled with OMS’ precision manipulator technology, the DIAJET cutting head can now be applied to restricted access, hazardous environments, ideal for complex decommissioning challenges in the oil & gas and nuclear sectors.

Clients choose DIAJET because it provides:
• Reduced plant downtime
• Flexibility, versatility and accuracy
• No heat affected zone
• Precision cutting at a distance
• Cutting in confined spaces • Minimum secondary contamination
• A small equipment footprint
• Single, smaller diameter hose delivery
• Simultaneous cutting of multiple materials

Vital applications include:
• Cutting munitions for explosive ordnance disposal
• Removal of structural steel and pipework for nuclear, subsea or topside decommissioning
• Cutting leg piles from offshore oil platforms
• Cutting of pipework and tanks for plant maintenance
• Removal of contaminated and corroded surfaces

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 48

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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