The Wonders of Web Advertising

When it comes to effective marketing there are several different options. Mass marketing tends to be easier with internet advertising which offers a variety of benefits.

It is ideal for brand awareness and a well-placed logo advert with backlinks to your website can have a tremendous impact on the amount of web traffic a company receives which in turn boosts the company name and potential sales respectively.

It also offers extensive ease of use for the consumer. All it may take is a click for them to discover more information about what is being advertised and about the company.

This allows potential consumers to research opportunities in their own time. Prospects are also more likely to turn into customers if they have the chance to experience something instantly when the need arises and in a first-hand way, which makes the internet a ideal platform for advertising.

Internet advertising never sleeps nor has a shelf life. Once uploaded to a specific platform in the digital ether it is on that platform every hour of every day or every year until it is removed or altered. This round the clock marketing therefore is ideal at targeting a huge range from different time zones and on different schedules.

Everyone from the sole proprietor to the large multi-national organization has a chance to expand their customer base thanks to the flexibility of internet advertising. There are numerous price points available, but more importantly, the brand gets to dictate how much they spend on most campaigns.

The BVAA’s well-visited Homepage carries adverts for members. Members’ prominent logos link directly to their websites and consequently, the click through rates can be very impressive.

When the market slipped last year, several spots became vacant so now’s an excellent opportunity grab them before they go again.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 49

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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