Fugitive Emissions

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ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics add to their range of conforming materials

ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics have been at the forefront of PTFE fluorpolymer technology and other high performance plastics such as PEEK,...
Valve User Issue 43

The Great British Stand!

As Hobbs Valve now sit within the newly formed Great British Valve Group (GBVG), the Group’s Chairman Alun Hobbs decided to make a real splash...
Valve User Issue 43

EnerMech Builds on Caspian Pedigree with £40 Million of Contracts Wins

Mechanical services group EnerMech has strengthened its market positon in the Caspian region by securing contracts with major operators valued...
Valve User Issue 41

Smart Valve Gearbox Delivers Swift Detection of Fugitive Emissions

A significant percentage of the fugitive emissions generated in a process plant comes from the valves. Plant operators are incurring increasin...
Valve User Issue 40

Rotork Actuators Support the Environmental Improvement Programme at Aberthaw Power Station

RWE Aberthaw Power Station in South Wales is now one of the most efficient coal fired power stations in the UK, through the use of automation ...
Valve User Issue 39

Mokveld Commissions Unique Test Bunkers

Mokveld Valves BV, located in Gouda commissions two new test bunkers for testing critical, high-quality valve systems.

The reasons for buildin...
Valve User Issue 38

Packing Solutions for Fugitive Emissions

Reduction of fugitive emissions is a critical concern for chemical plant and refinery operators to comply with environmental regulations. Despite a...
Valve User Issue 38

LATTYpack OIL Packing Set for Low Emissions on Valve Stems and Fittings

A solution by LATTY for the Oil and Gas industries for a full compliance with both ISO 15848 class BH and API 624 fugitive emission standards. Valve User Issue 38

Comprehensive Sealing Solutions

Groupe LATTY delivers comprehensive sealing solutions for industrial valves and fittings, including the supply of standard and tailored parts as well ...
Valve User Issue 37

Reducing Friction by More Than 30%, The Stem Slides Rather than Rubs

The new packing LATTYflon 3265LM contains a corrosion inhibitor (exclusive LATTY process) that durably protects all the parts of the fitting. This...
Valve User Issue 37

New Year Success for Denholm Valvecare

International valve service supplier Denholm Valvecare continues to fight against falling energy prices and a tough trading climate, with high hopes f...
Valve User Issue 36

A Proactive and Innovative Approach to Hydrocarbon Release Reduction

Valves, piping systems and instrument connections are the source of 76% of Hydrocarbon Releases (HCR’s). This is a major risk to the health and safety...
Valve User Issue 21

Customer survey proves value of Midas Meter®: Customer survey proves value of Midas Meter® Through Valve Loss / Leak Detector By Ronald Simpson and Dave Anderson, Score Group plc

Since its launch, the Midas Meter® has helped Score Group plc’s customers to correctly identify problematic valves quickly and easily, thus minimising...
Valve User Issue 21

Adanac completes 1000th Fugitive Emissions test

On 7th July 2011, Adanac carried out our 1000th Fugitive Emissions test. After completing our first test in May 2004, we have never looked back! ‘F...
Valve User Issue 18

BEL Valves - No Emissions Here!

Following on from the ‘Warbler’ piece in the last issue, Neil Kirkbride of BEL Valves supplied this extraordinary photograph. In this era when fugitiv...
Valve User Issue 4

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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