Plug Valves

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Flow Technology for Fish Ladder: 1600mm DeZurik Eccentric Plug Valve Accurately Controls Flow For Fish Ladder Attraction Pool

A USA West Coast engineering firm has designing a fish ladder as part of a water supply project for a public utility district. A fish ladder, cons...
Valve User Issue 36

‘Plugging’ the issues; an alternative to Ball Valves

There is nothing “new” in the World may be a slightly overstated cliché given the plethora of technologies, techniques and triumphs that we read about...
Valve User Issue 34

Crane ChemPharma & Energy Expands Pacific® Valves Wedgeplug Line

Characterized by simplicity of design, low energy usage and the innovative Wedgetorque® operator, Pacific Wedgeplug valves from Crane are specifically...
Valve User Issue 32