Electric Actuators Articles

Electric actuators, also known as electric machines are electromechanical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical torque. No oil is used which makes it a very clean type of actuator. This is usually enabled through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to create force. In some cases, electric actuators can also be used as generators to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Flooding proves the watertight case for Rotork Actuators

There was extensive flooding in the UK this summer Rotork’s ‘double-sealed’ electric valve actuator enclosure design has proved its worth in the af...
Valve User Issue 4

Rotork completes major valve actuation upgrade at one of Severn Trent’s water treatment works

Rotork IQ and IQT range intelligent electric valve actuators have been installed as part of a multi-million pound upgrade and modernisation programme ...
Valve User Issue 6

Australia’s ‘Droughtbuster’ scheme chooses Rotork

Water is front page news in Australia as it has become obvious that drought, climate change, population and consumption growth have combined to make t...
Valve User Issue 6

Rotork’s new CVA, mounted to a Metso valve

Rotork has launched a revolutionary new electric actuator for the operation of process control valves. The Rotork CVA range provides continuous, repea...
Valve User Issue 7

Pakscan digital valve control goes wireless

Starting with site trials in 2009, market-leading valve actuation specialist Rotork is extending the capabilities of the globally acknowledged Pakscan...
Valve User Issue 9

New Flowserve Software Simplifies Actuator Configuration, Diagnostics: Flowserve Dashboard Allows Bluetooth® Connectivity with Limitorque MX and QX

Flowserve Corporation has announced the release of Flowserve Limitorque MX/QX dashboard software, a program that allows customers to communicate with ...
Valve User Issue 10

South East Water awards valve actuation framework agreement to Rotork

Rotork’s position as the leading supplier of electric valve actuation products to the UK’s water industry has been further strengthened by the award o...
Valve User Issue 10

Rotork introduces compact electric actuator solution for marine valve applications

The new Rotork ROMpak range of electric actuators has been introduced to offer the marine industry a lightweight, economical and compact solution for ...
Valve User Issue 10

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